Bespoke Market Stalls
bespoke tables and benches
bespoke market stalls
bespoke food units
bespoke market stalls
bespoke food unit
bespoke market stalls for Old Spitalfields Market
bespoke market stalls for Old Spitalfields Market
Bespoke Market Stalls for Old Spitalfields Market
bespoke tree planters for Old Spitalfields Market

Old Spitalfields Market


This is one of our biggest ever projects. Working with Foster + Partners, we made over  100 market and food stalls as part of the transformation of Old Spitalfields market to enhance the quality and reinforce the unique identity of one of London’s most vibrant and long standing covered markets.



Given the variety of products on offer, following a different theme each day of the week, the challenge was to offer a sense of coherence to the market stalls. They also needed to be flexible and versatile to display the diverse merchandise in a range of layouts.

bespoke market stalls for Old Spitalfields Market
bespoke market stalls for Old Spitalfields Market

Designed as modular objects, the new stalls can be orientated and combined to suit different product displays. From over-the-counter to u-shaped configurations, they are customisable by each retailer.

They incorporate storage at the base, also integrating electrical connections and lighting. In the evenings, they can be easily folded up and stored elsewhere if the space is required for events, or used as tables for informal drinks.

The idea was to use solid materials that will withstand the daily rigors of the market, and those that will age well, gradually acquiring a rich patina over the years. The ash timber frames have a light appearance which will darken over time, while the hinge details, trims, hanging rail and accessories are made in brass, which develops a beautiful dark finish as the metal oxidises. We also made tables, and huge tree planters that hinge open to allow the trees to be removed easily.

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