We were really proud to be invited by Alison Brooks Architects to make their ‘Recasting’ installation for the 2018 Venice Biennale.

Responding to the Biennale theme of Freespace, ‘Recasting’ simulates ABA’s work in housing as four ‘totems’: Threshold, Inhabited Edge, Passage, and Roofspace.

Recasting at Venice Biennale 2018

Each totem offers a particular spatial, emotional and sensory experience.  Mirror surfaces, organic geometries and forced perspective create a series of expansive illusions.

This project required a highly creative , determined and collaborative approach between ourselves, Arup and ABA in order to turn a brilliant concept into a buildable, demountable and transportable structure.

We made ‘Recasting’ using extensive CNC woodworking combined with a traditional craftsman’s approach.

Despite being of such a scale, it has been made to cabinetmakers’ tolerances.  It is this attention to detail that has enabled it to be built without compromise to the architects’ vision.

Recasting at Venice Bienalle 2018
Recasting at Venice Biennale 2018