Natural materials and finishes

We are renowned for our deep knowledge of wood but our expertise doesn’t end there. Our metal workshop is one of the most specialist in the UK.   We also have wide experience of working with other natural materials such as stone, glass & leather.

We are always happy to offer advice on the most appropriate materials and finishes for your project.  Below are our most popular materials but we can also provide bespoke options to suit your scheme.

Sycamore, White Oil

Rippled Sycamore, White Oil

Crown Grain Ash, White Oil

Straight Grain Ash, White Oil

Oak, Raw

Oak, Quarter Sawn

Bandsawn Oak

Aged Oak

Oak, White Oil

Douglas Fir, White Oil

American Cherry, White Oil

Chestnut, Clear Oil

Oak, Clear Oil

Pippy Oak, Clear Oil

Character Oak, Clear Oil


American Cherry, Clear Oil

European Walnut, Clear Oil

Elm, Clear Oil

American Black Walnut, Clear Oil

Brown Oak, Clear Oil

Beech, Fumed Stain

Oak, Fumed Oil

Oak, Mocha Oil

Beech, Mocha Stain

Ebonised Oak

Beech, Black Stain

Marble White Cork

Stone Black Cork

Midnight Cork

Dark Insulation Cork

Bespoke Reception Desk clad in gilding metal

We specialise in the use of non-ferrous sheet metals such as brass, copper, bronze, gilding metal, pewter and zinc.  We have a range of patination processes using traditional recipes that produce different tonality and colour. We polish to different levels to achieve a range of finishes from dull to bright.

Pewter, 1000

Zinc, 1000

Pewter, 4000

Pewter, 2000

Light Patinated Zinc

Dark Patinated Zinc

Gilding Metal, 4000

Brass, 2000

Gilding Metal, 1000

Copper, 1000

Bronze, 4000

Copper, 4000

Bronze, BBP

Copper, FL

Copper, OXB

Light Patinated Gilding Metal

Light Patinated Brass

Medium Patinated Brass

Dark Patinated Brass

Dark Patinated Gilding Metal

We have chosen our favourite natural fabrics such as wool and linen and the softest of leathers in neutral tones for the upholstery of our pieces but we also offer them in customers own material or leather.

Saddle Leather

Burnt Grey Leather

Granite Leather

Cinnamon Leather

Rust Leather

Green Leather

Grey Leather

Marine Leather

Anthracite Leather

Grey White Wool

Grey Brown Wool

Dark Grey Wool